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Halo Infinite: Cinematic Lighting - Spires

Cinematic lighting for the Halo Infinite campaign captured in-game. While these scenes changed hands a few times before launch, I had a major part in the lighting along with one or more of the other lighters on the team. We all worked very closely to get the best visual quality, while maintaining performance for the previous and current generation consoles and PC.

Thanks to all the talented people who made this game possible!
Dan Chosich the Narrative Experience Director
Lighting Artists: Kevin Dalziel, Lauren Bennardo, Mary Dee Mateo, Harrison Garvin, Andres Nelson, Adrian Bell, Sebastian Mundo, Will Podepechan
Technical Lighting support: Josh Marvel and Spencer Kopach and Lee Uren our Lighting Lead.
We had so many shots and hoped around supporting each other.
FX artists: Ian Gargle, Michael Wylegly, Matthew Shafter, Forest Baker
Animation: Greg Towner, Matt Cambell and many others